Eurydice is a European network focused on sharing and providing relevant data on education systems and policies in 37 countries. In this way, it supports European cooperation in the field of lifelong learning and education. The Eurydice network publishes information on education systems and policies, descriptions of national education systems, thematic comparative studies, indicators and other statistical data in the field of education. This information assists policy makers in making high-quality decisions.

The network was established by the European Commission and the Member States in 1980 with the aim to exchange information and support European cooperation in the field of education. Since 2014, Eurydice has been part of the Erasmus+ programme as one of the activities under Key Activity 3 – Support for policy reform.


The Eurydice network collects information and statistical data on national regulations and policies. The collected data, analyses and figures are published in the following informational and analytical publications:

  • detailed descriptions and reviews of national education systems (Countries – Description of national education systems) providing a comprehensive and up-to-date comparative description of education systems in 38 European countries
  • comparative studies on different topics relevant to cooperation in the field of education at the European level
  • a range of national notes and information on the structure and main features of national education systems, such as school and academic calendars, salaries of school teachers and headmasters, duration of education by country and education level, tuition and support in higher education and the budget for education.



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