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HERE seminar “A way towards internationalization through establishment of joint programmes”, TBD

HERE seminar “The Position of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts in European Research Area (ERA)”, TBD 



HERE seminar “Ranking of HEIs – pros and contras – how is ranking linked to quality in HE, and EU integration process” , May 14, 2019


Prof. Melita Kovačević, SPHERE expert, University of Zagreb, PPT1

Prof. Melita Kovačević, SPHERE expert, University of Zagreb, PPT2


HERE seminar (TAM) “The positioning and distinguishing of applied sciences in Montenegrin education system”, December 5-6, 2018


Prerequisites for high-quality Applied Science Programmes, prof. Constantinos S. Psomopoulos

Best Practices in Organizing and Implementing Applied Studies with the Emphasis on the Technology and Maritime Sectors, prof. Constantinos S. Psomopoulos

Tuning Education and Training in Europe – The Issue of Employability, prof. Volker Gehmlich

Applied Physiotherapy Igalo, prof. Dušan Mustur

Čikom llc, Miljan Grba, Deputy Executive Director


HERE seminar  (TAM) “Status of doctoral candidates EEc/WBC vs EU or wider”, November 19, 2018


Prerequisites for high-quality doctoral programmes; The role of Universities and the new developments in doctoral programmes, Lucas Zinner, expert

Status of doctoral candidates in Montenegro – presentations from Montenegrin HEIs having doctoral studies, and experience from Montenegrins studying as PhD students abroad

Prof. Predrag Miranović, Steering Board of PhD Studies, University of Montenegro;

Prof. Maja Drakić Grgur, University of Donja Gorica;

Prof. Radovan Stojanović, University of Montenegro, presentation of newly selected Erasmus+ CBHE project MARDS

Status and career development of doctoral candidates and other early stage researchers in EU and wider; Pros and Cons of different types of existing models in funding the PhD studies in the EU, Lucas Zinner, expert

Types of existing models in funding the PhD studies in Montenegro, Jelena Šaranović, Head of National Funding Programmes, Ministry of Science

Fellowships for early stage researchers, Msc Marijeta Barjaktarović Lanzardi, Ministry of Science

Professionalizing Doctoral Education, Lucas Zinner, expert


HERE seminar (TAM) “Recognition of Prior Learning”, November 29-30, 2017


PPT1 – Introduction to validation of non-formal and informal learning, Hanne Smidt, EUA

PPT2 – Staff to perform recognition (skills), Hanne Smidt, EUA

PPT3 – Workshops, Hanne Smidt, EUA

PPT4 – Recognition of prior learning, Ministry of Education


HERE regional seminar “A magic triangle of Higher Education in Western Balkan region: Funding Model – Research Capacity – Quality of PhD Studies“, September 25-26, 2017 



Prof. Melita Kovačević – introductory

Prof. Melita Kovačević – mobility

Srbijanka Turajlić, PhD – introductory

Srbijanka Turajlić, PhD – mobility

Prof. Vedran Mornar – introductory and mobility

Prof. Radovan Stojanović – Montenegro

Prof. Nenad Zrnić – Serbia

Jelena Starčević, PhD – Bosnia and Herzegovina


HERE seminar “Internationalization of Higher Education”, December 7, 2016


Irina Ferencz, Academic Expert, PPT1

Irina Ferencz, Academic Expert, PPT2

Irina Ferencz, Academic Expert, PPT3


HERE seminar “Modularization of curriculum”, April 26, 2016 


Prof. Volker Ghemlich

Prof. Aleksandar Vujović

Vanja Drljević


HERE seminar “Implementing research based education”, November 26, 2015 

Report of the TAM expert


Prof. Wolfgang Deicke – Session 1

Prof. Wolfgang Deicke – Session 2

Prof. Wolfgang Deicke – Session 3

Prof. Mira Vukčević – Technical Sciences

Prof. Saša Milić – Social Sciences

Prof. Vladimir Pešić – Natural Sciences

Vanja Vukićević – Humanities

Miloš Pavićević – Students expectations from reserch based education, and their role in the overall  process

Branka Žižić – Students experience of the present status of integration of research into higher education at the UoM – evidence from a master thesis research

Vanja Drljević – Presentation of the HERE activities


HERE seminar on Doctoral Studies – Improvement of quality of doctoral studies in Montenegro, European practices and esxperience, October 29-30, 2015 – programme

Report of the TAM expert


Prof. Melita Kovacevic 1 ppt

Prof. Melita Kovačevic 2 ppt

Prof. Melita Kovacević 3 ppt

Prof. Melita Kovacevic 4 ppt

Prof. Melita Kovacevic 5 ppt

Prof. Melita Kovacevic 6 ppt

Prof. Melita Kovacevic 7 ppt

Prof. Sasa Milic ppt

Prof. Mira Vukcevic ppt

Prof. Zdravko Krivokapic ppt

Vanja Drljevic ppt

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