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544482-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPHES “Blending academic and entrepreneurial knowledge in technology enhanced learning” – 

543950-2013-ME-SMHES “Development of Learning Outcomes Approach – A way to a better Comparability, Recognition and Employability at the Labour Market” –

544088-2013-SI-JPHES “Enhancement of cyber ducational system of Montenegro » –

543662-2013-ME-JPHES “Improvement of Partnership with Enterprises by Enhancement of a Regional Quality Management Potentials in WBC” –

544257-2013-ME-JPCR “Modernizing and harmonizing maritime education in Montenegro and Albania” –

544504-2013-DE-JPCR  “Renewable Energy Studies in Western Balkan Countries” –

544169-2013-BE-JPCR  “Competency Based Curriculum Reform in Nursing and Caring in Western Balkan Universities”

544373-2013-RS-JPHES „Fostering students’ entrepreneurship and open innovation in university-industry collaboration”

544595-2013-HR-JPHES “Lifelong learning for sustainable agriculture in Alps- Danube- Adriatic Region”

543898 -2013-1-ES -JPHES “Development of Sustainable Interrelations between Education, Research and Innovation at WBC Universities in Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials where Innovation Means Business” (WIMB)

 530730-2012-RS-JPHES “Development of Policy-Oriented Training Programmes in the Context of the European Integration” –

530550-2012-RS-SMGR Towards Sustainable and Equitable Financing of Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia“ –

530213-2012-RS-JPHES Modernization of WBC universities through strengthening of structures and services for knowledge transfer, research and innovation“ –

530766-2012-ME-SMHES Foundation of Study Program for Inclusive Education in Montenegro“ –

530440-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-ME-TEMPUS-JPCR “Restructuring of Study Programme in Architecture to Long-cycle Integrated Master in line with EU standards” –

530194-2012-RS-JPCR Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and environmental impacts- master study – 

530423-2012-UK-JPCR Studies in Bioengineering and Medical Informatics“ – 

530530-2012-SE-JPHES Training courses for public servicies in sustainable infrastrucrure development in Western Balkans“ –

517117-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-IE-TEMPUS-JPHES “Developing information literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries”

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