The regional Erasmus+ cluster meeting in Durres (Albania)

The cluster meeting, which gathered the coordinators of the CBHE projects implemented in Western Balkans (Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania) was organized on October 22-23, 2019 in Durres (Albania). The meeting was organized by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (Brussels), and the National Erasmus+ Office in Albania.

The meeting aimed at discussing the EU funded projects/programmes impact on the WB HE sectors in terms of regional cooperation, modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of the HE, CBHE projects producing an impact on higher education systems and promoting reforms at national and/or regional level, as well as convergence with the EU developments in higher education. The cluster meeting aimed at facilitating exchanges of good practice and networking of CBHE projects to enhance their quality, impact and sustainability, both at national and regional levels.

The event was composed of various workshops and discussions revolving around the following topics: regional cooperation, HEIs’ links with society and business, CBHE projects’ impact on HE systems as well as the modernisation, accessibility, quality and internationalisation of the HEIs in the WB, CBHE fostering regional cooperation in Western Balkans etc.