The selection results: Jean Monnet activities 2019

The selection results under the Call for proposals (EAC/A03/2018) – Jean Monnet activities 2019, have been published. The total number of the approved applications amounts to 285, out of which 97 applications – Jean Monnet modules, 74 – Chairs and 29 – Centers of excellence. The number of the approved applications for Jean Monnet Networks amounts to 21, 58 Jean Monnet projects, as well as 10 Support to Associations grants. Out of the total number of the approved applications, 182 applications are from the Erasmus+ programme countries and 103 from the Erasmus+ partner countries.

The University of Montenegro is involved as an associate partner in the Jean Monnet network “Academic network supporting EU policies towards Western Balkans with emphasis on regional cooperation based on reconciliation”. The project is coordinated by the ISCOMET – Institute for Ethnic and Regional Studies, (Slovenia). The total amount of the budget is 298 000 euro.

The list of selected applications is available on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)